J Gallery was open for more than four years, during which time our crew worked hard… while having loads of fun. We learned a lot, and presented several exhibitions and workshops from a new generation of artists who infused their creative vibe into the J Avenue shopping centre.

J Gallery was warmly received and respected by Thai and foreign artists alike, who worked with us to organize exhibit after exhibit in our space. This pilot project of ours – transforming an empty space on the fourth floor of J Avenue that no one even knew existed into a well-known gallery – was so successful that this space became highly coveted.

A new group now plans to develop it into an entertainment venue that will cater to an even wider audience. It will get a new look and will host activities that will be fun and fascinating. Our crew and partner company, Siam Future, believe the new place will add and inspire creativity in J Avenue.

On behalf of our work crew, we would like to thank all of you who have given your constant support to J Gallery. Like this buzz of change around us, our team will never stand still. We will search for everything that is interesting and concepts that are popular, so we can boost the good vibes in our society. We hope to have the opportunity to present these types of activities to you again soon. Stay in touch – and we’ll keep you posted.